HMT documentation Technical documentation for editors and contributors

HMT VM (summer, 2016, version)

The HMT project VM for editors is a virtual machine including all the software necessary to edit and validate contributions to the Homer Multitext project.

This page describes the VM currently in use in the summer of 2016.

It runs Elementary OS 0.3, and uses the kan┼Źnes system for parsing and validating the morphology of Greek text.

Set up and configuration

Syncing and updating your work

  • to refresh/update your HMT tool suite

Using the VM

Using applications already installed in the VM:

  • for markup, Xml Copy Editor
  • for markdown, Atom ( To display a formatted view of your markdown document, you can use the Markdown Preview package (Packages menu, Markdown Preview, or from the keyboard ctl-shift-M)
  • for text formatting, pandoc (