HMT MOM Mandatory On-going Maintenance



HMT-MOM is a gradle build project to validate editorial work on the Homer Multitext project. To use it, you must have gradle installed on your computer.

HMT-MOM is Mandatory, because submissions of work to the HMT project are only integrated into the central archive of material to publish after HMT-MOM has validated the work. HMT-MOM is Ongoing because you can (and should!) use it regularly as your editorial work progresses. HMT-MOM allows real Maintenance of your work, because it provides external validation of your work that is qualitatively different from repeating or proof-reading.

HMT-MOM is organized by physical units of the text being edited. You should always pass HMT-MOM's full suite of tests for a single page before progressing to the next page.


HMT-MOM is currently (June, 2015) being revised in coordination with an updated edition of the HMT Editor's Guide, for use in the CHS 2015 Summer Seminar.


Material to add

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